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Cried Fleur half past seven, I was ready, and walk away. We went to a conventional off-street pub and had a few drinks at our favorite shit. Fleur, 38, blond, with a great figure and she loves sex. Upon arrival, we got into the back of the car and got down to it. I quickly stripped Fleur followed suit. We kissed a few times then started her beautiful tits, 36c and is strong enough. suck on her nipples before going and I moved my attention to her pussy. He loved to talk and had my tongue in her vagina while she sucked my cock. I had, because I knew from experience that if I wanted my cock, she said. Usually happens after sucking her clit made ​​famous by its future. had spread quickly in the rear seat and slipped between his legs around my cock in her pussy thrust. She opened her mouth in this place and always crowded to me. Soon he was damn hard, that's what they xxxtube like, knowing thatso, it could go on forever. had a nice tight pussy is always xxxtube wet, which was from time to time, even when I was fucked up, that was a bonus. I was on it for about an hour, I will not say that I condemn all the time because I xxxtube need to rest, but he loved the feeling of my cock in her pussy, but not even shit. So I have when it comes to that! But finally I xxxtube came, shooting my load inside. Then he dropped it. Once I got my breath I could feel my sperm oozing around my penis now soft. Fleur pressed her pussy rhythmically, as so often, and always catch me xxxtube hard again demanded more. She also has, but she knew from experience that lead me to the majority again. Not discouraged, it was his opinion that a man had to satisfy their desires and that if they wanted to hell again, is that what they expected. The second time I fucked with no real power, just in and out of it, xxxtube without getting tired of me. Two hours xxxtube laterreturned, he became even more confused the hell ! She waited until it came out of me and grabbed her panties and put them on. This was something I was accustomed, he liked the feeling of my cum oozing out her pussy for OIF hours. I am a dtook cleaned house. I went with her and her mother sat watching TV. 'We had a good time ? ' Fleur asked. 'Yes, twice, I'm full of it! ' Lifted her skirt and showed her underwear to her mother. Desiree looked at me, said: 'I do not have?' I laughed, 'Why, you want something ' n 'I have no idea what you're laughing,' he replied, 'You have now is that my old do not know is interested ! 'Now, Desiree was 57, and even now, a desirable woman, no pun intended. I've seen before and decided not out of bed, I said, 'You want to fuck, Desiree, you have to ask.... but not tonight, my wife wants damned if I get into bed. Maybe next time! '' is a professionalon? 'She asked. ' Sure, if I can fuck here, then I take two, one by one! ' ' You can not ask more than that, ' she said. Wait until they read the second part!
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